Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Shoes For Women Look-Zalora

hello everyone!
sorry for the long-lost contact.
because i love fashion, and i love travelling.
so i would like to talk about shoes.
oh yes shoes!
i used to wear different shoes based on the place i go.
and here's some tips for choosing the suitable shoes.


Shoes are one of the most important fashion items for a woman to complete their outfit. As there are different kinds of footwear sold in the market ranging from high heels, sneakers, wedges, loafers, flats and more, women can mix match their look into something amazing. Besides that, the selection of shoes that women choose indirectly represents their style and personality. There are three types of shoes for women to have in their closet which will look stunning in any outfit you pull together.

1.     The Sophisticated High heels

High heels are a definite must have for every woman to store in their closet as heels are suitable to be worn to various occasions and events. Whether to work, a job interview or even a dinner party, high heels gives you a very sophisticated and mature character. Other than that, high heels are known to give women a sense of confidence everywhere they go as if they could rule the world!

2.     The Stylish Wedges

For the ladies who are not a fan of high heels, wedges are the perfect footwear that women can opt for. This is because not only does it give you height but are more comfortable to wear on a day out compared to high heels. Wedge gives you some stability and good support even when you are walking the entire day.
3.     The Edgy Boots

For the ladies who want a different look, opt for a pair of edgy looking boots. Somehow boots gives off a certain funky aura and it is perfect for women who aim to get that trendy yet cool appearance. Pair the boots with a nice pair of skinny jeans or a long skirt and you will definitely get that tough girl look. Women can choose from the wide range of boot designs available and find the one which suits your personal style.

and as you know, Zalora is one of the best shoes sold in Malaysia.
with the beautiful design, reasonable price and comfortable to wear,
you guys can wear them everywhere you go!
so what are you waiting for?
let's visit Zalora and grab yours or go to Zalora Website for more choices!


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

and its holiday again :)

hello everyone. and happy holiday.
im sorry for being so busy and... its been awhile since last i update this blog.
actually, not so busy but... just, i need some time and space.
my life nowadays unstable and.... i dont even know what's going on.
and so, okay nothing forget about it.
 im not going to babling or share some stories.
just wanna pass by my blog so that ppl know im still here ahah!
im going to have my vacation with family tmrw until sunday.
and yeay im so damn fucking happy heeee.
well said, blood is thicker than water :>
bye everyone. i will update soon about my vacation mybe?
hahhaha see you guys later!
pray for our journey :)


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

maybe they forgot that i have feelings too

assalamualaikum everyone.
i'm sorry for not updating blog for a long time.
i should update last two weeks but not totally in mood so yeah.
for this post, i think this is the best time for me to post about this thing.
i've keep this thing to myself for a long time and i just can't-
i know i should be strong. but, i've been strong for too long.
so, i need to spill it. okay, not everything but something.
story begin.
do you know how it feels losing your bestfriend?
do you know how it feels losing the one you trust the most?
do you know how it feels losing the one who are always by your side through thin and thick?
do you know how it feels losing those people who always making jokes around you?
do you ever feel alone if you're without them?
some people tell me that i'm too sensitive even for the little thing.
but for this situation, idk i'm the one who is sensitive or what.
but what i feel nowadays is, people treat me like i have no feelings at all.
they do whatever they think good for them but they dont know how i'm the one who's in those situation.
they hurt my feelings a lot.
okay, i know i'm not talkative or what. but still, i'm a human. i have feelings.
i dont care if someone wants to advise me or what. but please, talk with manners.
there's no need to be backstabbers or what.
gah shit whatever. idk how to spill this kind of feeling.
i just feel like i'm nobody to anyone.
i feel like i lost everyone and everything in my life.
and yes, i feel like giving up to everything i do.
idk where should i stand. people always keep on judging me in everything i do.
for the bad and even for the good.
just to let you guys know. at least i show what myself actually is. 
at least i'm being myself. and i dont do hypocrite.
so, it's up to you guys. for the bad and for the good, i'll accept everything.
maybe because i'm not talkative or what, they treat me like i'm an invisble person.

last but not least, i dont ask much.
i just need someone who can advise and motivate me when i'm down.
i just need someone who can fit in my shoes and willing to walk with me.
or.. enough for entertaining me when i need some sense of humour.
just, respect me as a human being too. 
it's hard and kindda impossible for me to search for new bestfriend.
or in other words, idk which part i should fix but i could if i would.
i'm sorry guys for this emotional post. i just spill what i should because i've keep it for too long.
i'm not begging for any 'belas kasihan' from anyone. i spill because at least, i know the readers could feel what i feel. AT LEAST.
i hate to say this but i miss my bestfriend, friend and my old-self too :(

okay goodnight everyone. i'll be gone for everyone's good. goodbye.

throwback cause i miss.